Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River Bridge Photography

Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River Bridge

Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River Bridge

This post features photos from our June visit to the Quad Cities for photography of the I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River Bridge. Officially named “The Twin Bridges”, the new transportation infrastructure bridge project spans the Mississippi River connecting Bettendorf, Iowa to Moline, Illinois.  We photograph structural art, infrastructure, architecture, buildings, industrial, bridges, transportation, and more around the Nationwide, so we we’re excited to be the selected photographer for this photo project close to home.  We set out to capture a variety of photography to include ground photos from the shore, images on the suspension bridge, drone aerial, day, and night images of the arch bridges. It was the perfect summer seasonal weather for the shoot providing for pedestrians and transportation both passing over the new Mississippi River bridges.

bridges transportation road highway marine utilities photographer

bridges transportation road highway marine utilities photographer

Interstate I-74 Mississippi bridge river night photos

Interstate I-74 Mississippi bridge river night photos

architectural drone exterior bridge photographer rosales partners

architectural drone exterior bridge photographer

Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River bridge photography

Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River bridge photography

drone bridges night award competition photographer bridge structure

drone bridges night award competition photographer bridge structure

drone aerial bridge photography photographer

drone aerial bridge photography photographer

structural engineering civil mechanical solar marketing images

structural engineering civil mechanical solar marketing images

suspension bridge professional commercial photography company photos

MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography was commissioned by Miguel Rosales of Rosales + Partners for a photography architectural photo shoot of the new I-74 bridge in the Quad Cities.  The new I-74 Mississippi River crossing bridge construction connects the Illinois and Iowa state’s roads and transportation infrastructure – both a functional bridge with its infrastructure design, yet constructed as beautifully aesthetic designed structural piece of art.  The arching white bridges are visible from long range viewpoints miles away from the Illinois and Iowa Mississippi shorelines during the day and when illuminated at night.

The new $1.2-billion bridge fully opened to road traffic on Dec. 2, 2021.  The walkable, running, and bike friendly pedestrian portion of the bridge opened for use in April 2022 with the City of Bettendorf IA and Moline IL hosting a bike and pedestrian path dedication on May 18, 2022.  Waiting for optimum weather and the exterior landscape with trees in the area to be full of green leaves, our photo shoot proceeded in early June.  The I-74 bridge project is part of a regional strategy for improving access across the Mississippi. For updates on the I-74 River Bridge project, visit the bridge construction project website at I74RiverBridge.com.

MILLER+MILLER is a commercial architectural photography company who produces marketing images for architects, contractors, engineers, artists, mechanical, civic, government, and more professional companies.  M+M spent the day completing photography of the Mississippi Bridge in Moline Illinois and Bettendorf Iowa capturing variety of vantage points from both the ground level and bird’s eye height in the sky with our drone from sunrise to sunset.

A photography goal was to illustrate not only the final completed structure of the bridge, but also the beautiful landscape surrounding the twin arching bridges.  Producing aerial, day, sunset, and night photographs to showcase the bridge’s Summer time season, Midwest landscape, bridge uplighting illumination at night, and architecture structural design.  A goal of photographing images for the Quad Cities new landmark twin bridges which artistically capture architectural photos the suspension bridge and twin steel arches bridge structure.  The Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois Mississippi River bridge design is a visually memorable and artistic connection for traffic driving over the Mississippi River and between the states of Iowa and Illinois.

Mississippi River Quad Cities Davenport Bettendorf

Mississippi River Quad Cities Davenport Bettendorf

Illinois Iowa drone bridge photography photographers

Illinois Iowa drone bridge photography photographers

The Interstate 74 (I-74) transportation road bridge reconstruction serves as the primary crossing of the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities of Davenport, Rock Island, Bettendorf, & Moline in Illinois and Iowa.  The bridge construction project totaled seven miles of interstate expansion.  Design and transportation functionality of the I-74 bridge provides access for the important east-west interstate link in the nation’s Midwest segment of the transportation network with its west end at the I-80 interchange in Davenport Iowa and east terminus at I-75 in Cincinnati.

drone bridge photography photographers

drone bridge photography photographers

white arches bridge river crossing sunset sunrise landscape

white arches bridge river crossing sunset sunrise landscape

up lighting suspension bridge illumination

up lighting suspension bridge illumination

structural infrastructure architectural photographer

structural infrastructure architectural photographer

night sunset bridge river ocean water pedestrian traffic

night sunset bridge river ocean water pedestrian traffic

architectural suspension bridge architect photography Chicago photographer

architectural suspension bridge architect photography Chicago photographer

artistic night photography infrastructure bridge architecture

artistic night photography infrastructure bridge architecture

Rock Island Moline Davenport Iowa Illinois drone development photos

Quad Cities Rock Island Moline Davenport Iowa Illinois drone development photos

transportation travel railway ports airport landscape traffic bridges stimulus infrastructure

transportation travel railway ports airport landscape traffic bridges stimulus infrastructure

Chicago photographer infrastructure bridges rail marine

Chicago photographer infrastructure bridges rail marine

glass oculus viewing platform river city bridges

glass oculus viewing platform river city bridges

artistic walking path bridge photos

artistic walking path bridge photos

Pedestrians and visitors to the bridge river crossing site are able to use the bike and pedestrian path which features on top a scenic overlook with a glass oculus floor.  The oculus view point provides the public with a unique view through the glass of the Mississippi River flowing below as well as a viewing platform to view the west setting sunsets over the Mississippi river valley.  The 10-foot diameter glass oculus is made of thick, safe to stand on with the tempered glass with a textured surface to provide traction.  In the evening, the bridge glows with up lighting, and the entire path is lit at night to include the pedestrian bridge’s summit scenic water overlook.  The fully separated pedestrian bridge is ADA accessible.  The path connects to existing trails on both sides of the Mississippi River waterway between Davenport, Rock Island, Bettendorf, and Moline. The old I-74 bridge is planned for demolition.

On December 1, 2021, thousands of residents and visitors participated in a celebration walk over the new I-74 River Bridge and celebrated the future of the Quad Cities together. Watch the December recap celebratory walk video on the I-74 River Bridge Youtube page:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b9p-nDvkyQ

steel bridge structural infrastructure commercial photographer

steel bridge structural infrastructure commercial photographer

bridge glass oculus viewing platform pedestrian bike path

bridge glass oculus viewing platform pedestrian bike path

Congress passed the Whitehouse’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which will rebuild America’s roads, bridges and rails https://www.whitehouse.gov/bipartisan-infrastructure-law/ (in addition to expand access to clean drinking water, ensure every American has access to high-speed internet, tackle the climate crisis, advance environmental justice, invest in communities.)  Government improvements are for the United States ports, airports, rail, and roads reconstructing our nation’s bridges, and construction of interstate highway traffic and transportation systems.  MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography is experience in photographing all types of infrastructure, view additional posts featuring Bridges Transportation Road Highway Marine Airports Utilities Photographer image examples.

white twin arch suspension bridge pedestrians walking bike path

white twin arch suspension bridge pedestrians walking bike path

new bridge park bicycle bike path community development

new bridge park bicycle bike path community development

Mississippi River path Bettendorf Jetty Park Iowa bridge

Mississippi River path Bettendorf Jetty Park Iowa bridge

MILLER+MILLER is a husband & wife, Nationwide traveling commercial architectural photography company. Our photographs of the new Quad Cities I-74 Iowa Illinois bridge replacement crossing over the Mississippi River, connecting Iowa to Illinois, features nearly two decades of work from a number of contributors for the bridge development project. From design, to planning, to construction, the build was a collaboration of the project leads listed below, along with all their sub-contracting partners, and countless other entities, businesses, and community members. ( Sources  www.constructionequipmentguide.com/crews-place-keystone-on-iowa-illinois-bridge/49218, and the links below).

IOWA DOT District 6 Cedar Rapids
Illinois DOT District 2

American Institute of Steel Construction and the National Steel Bridge Alliance — National Award in the Major Span category of the 2022 Prize Bridge Awards

Rosales + Partners — Architect, conceptual engineering and design of bridges, and type study selection, architectural visualizations and physical models
Modjeski and Masters (M&M), as part of the Alfred Benesch Design Team

Construction Management/General Engineering Consultants
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
HR Green
Hutchison Engineering Inc.
Knight E/A, Inc
R.M. Chin & Associates, Inc.
Images, Inc. — Public Involvement Strategic Communications Planning

Construction Engineering and Inspection Consultants
R.J. Watson, Inc.
Tenca Steel Detailing, Inc.
Bruner, Cooper & Zuck, Inc.
McClure Engineering Associates, Inc

Helm Group/Civil Constructors Inc. — Iowa viaduct
Kraemer North America — Illinois viaduct and ramps
K&W Electric — Roadway lighting
Lunda Construction Co. — Main bridge
Minturn — Aesthetic lighting
McCarthy Improvement — Iowa mainline and ramps
Valley Construction — Iowa ramp and mainline storm sewer
Walsh Group — Illinois I-74 mainline and ramps

MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography — Chicago and Nationwide Traveling Photographer of the I-74 Quad Cities IA/IL Bridge Mississippi River Crossing

Contact photographers MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography to photograph your finished architecture, structure, transportation, infrastructure, or construction project. Providing aerial drone photography, video, and exterior night photography services, we look forward to learning about your unique project and your photography image needs. Our husband and wife photography company with 10+ years of working as a commercial photographer provide an experienced ability to capture a variety of exterior angles, elevations, and artistically framed shots of structures, architecture, infrastructure and more through photography and architectural video services.  

Below are a few quick links to additional blog posts of structural projects:

chicago skyway toll bridge

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Drescent Dunes Solar Energy Project Tonopah Drone

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RISE at Riverfront Crossings Iowa City Photography


Rise at Riverfront Crossings Iowa City photography


luxury apartments development photographer Iowa


Sunrise luxury campus skyscraper night building exterior photography


Luxury student housing apartments building photographer


Iowa City architectural photographer


Iowa architect award-winning building photos university campus


Rise upscale student housing development


courtyard glass metal enclosure modern development


architect marketing images Iowa


Architectural photographer Iowa


Construction marketing photographer Iowa


Rise Iowa building photography Hyatt Place Hotel


Rise Iowa City modern building


Iowa City Rise Riverfront Crossings Hyatt hotel photographer


Iowa City drone photos


Drone luxury modern apartments development


Upscale-off campus urban student housing residential apartments

This blog post features images from our exterior RISE at Riverfront Crossings Iowa City photography architectural shoot.  The two-tower, mixed-use complex development rises 15-stories high.  The new, high-rise towers make for an attractive, modern update to downtown Iowa City’s expanding skyline.

The metal and glass, duo-tower architecture, modern skyscraper development is home to two new businesses in Iowa City Hyatt Place Hotel Iowa City Downtown and off-campus student housing residential apartments RISE at Riverfront Crossings.  Focusing on the building’s exterior photography, the building shoot of the two-towers highlights the property’s mixed-use, and façade construction design.  The new construction Iowa City project is both an urban residential, student housing development, mixed with hotel hospitality downtown in Iowa City.  The Rise at Riverfront Crossings development achieved LEED Gold Certification for sustainability.

Chicago-based photographers, we travel to Iowa, around the Midwest, and we are often booking travel architecture shoots Nationwide!  Upon final construction completion, our client who is the manufacturer and installation construction company of the glass and metal building enclosures, requested portfolio marketing architectural images looking for us to highlight in photography the modern architecture’s metal & glass.  The high-rise property and Iowa architectural photography shoot included capturing both day and night exterior building photographs of RISE and the Hyatt Place Hotel in Iowa City.  The photos focused on construction marketing portfolio photos to showcase the final construction of the large mixed-use property site capturing both the hospitality and luxury apartment student housing complex towers.  The location offered an excellent setting for adding drone aerial building photos, in additional to the daytime, and eye-catching sunrise or night dusk exterior photography of the property. We are photographers who have photographed several luxury apartment and condo development photography & similar architecture designed development student housing projects.

The modern luxury, 2-story high-rise and mid-rise Iowa development property with underground parking garage is located in downtown Iowa City within the downtown’s university area. The mixed-use development complex is steps away from the University of Iowa campus.  RISE is the University of Iowa’s new student apartments and premium upscale housing, off-campus living apartment community.  Offering brand new, stunning interior design and rooms inside, these apartments feature the latest in upscale student housing trends and amenities.  Our photography client continues to be building Nationwide, constructing numerous luxury, and upscale student housing developments with unique, incredible modern architecture & building design.  The mixed-use development and RISE at Riverfront Crossings incorporates all the extras expected in luxury dorm, off-campus living.  Unique to other student housing projects we’ve photographed, for this Iowa City development’s design it offers the convenience of an on-site Hyatt  Place hotel for student’s parents and visitors to rent a hotel room in the adjoining tower near by.

Capturing exterior building photography of the two, 15-story and high-rise towers that create the new Iowa City downtown skyline,  our shoot includes photos of the property’s outdoor facade, multiple entrances into the mixed-use development, the residential rental courtyard with pool deck for student’s pool-side lounging featuring an outdoor Jumbo-Tron to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play where fire pits and grilling stations are nearby. With a long list of amenities on the Rise at Riverfront Crossings, student’s apartments tower, which go above and beyond standard student living, it was easily recognizable these apartments provide a luxury living space that gives University of Iowa students a comfortable, chic retreat from the hustle and bustle of academic life. The Rise and the Hyatt Place Hotel Iowa City twin towers offers both a luxury housing apartment building and luxurious hotel.  Both are a great location near downtown Iowa City’s shopping & restaurants, and an easy walk to the U of I campus.  The two-tower luxury student residence and hotel are located close to the Iowa River in downtown Iowa City.  For hotel guests or student residents needing a break from studying, the nearby Iowa River waterfront park has walking & biking trails and opportunities for students who enjoy river boating & recreation too.  Additional exterior building perks include the convenient, on-site parking garage located under the building.

Development & Construction Management by: CA Ventures 
Architect, Planning and Interior Design Firm: Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture
Construction: Beal Derkenne Construction
Engineering: Pierce Engineers
Hyatt Hotel Operator: Janko Hospitality
Investor, Developer and Rise Students Apartments Operator: CA Ventures

RISE at Riverfront Crossings 435 Linn Street, Iowa City, IA 52240  |  Hyatt Place Hotel Iowa City Downtown 255 E Court St, Iowa City, IA 52240

MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography is a Chicago-based and Nationwide traveling architectural photographers booking a variety of photography commercial construction, developments, high-rises, warehouses, hotels, retail, interiors, and more for construction, design, property management, acquisitions, apartments, student housing developer, real estate development investment firms, and architect client’s portfolio of images.  Having the luxury of traveling around the Nation to capture exterior photography shoots of student housing construction, we have captured several similar built, high-rise modern property’s photography.   From photographing several award-winning modern university housing construction college campuses in our Midwest region of Chicago, to Madison Wisconsin and Iowa City, to traveling easily to Portland Oregon, and Tempe Phoenix Arizona, and beyond.  Our architectural photography company quoting our entire client’s portfolio and traveling Nationwide, beneficially produces a quality consistent set of photographs for your portfolio to comprehensively represent your brand across the country from location to location.  

Looking to Book Both Exterior + Interior images for your photo shoot?  Click here to visit our Interior Photography portfolio section.

Iowa interiors photographer



Iowa Architectural Photography Photographer


Iowa interior photography


corporate office interior Iowa photography


Iowa drone photographer


exterior building photographer Iowa


corporate office interior photography Iowa


Iowa commercial real estate photographer


architect Iowa office interior photography


Des Moines drone photographer


Iowa architectural photographer


luxury apartments dorm Des Moines interior photography


Des Moines real estate marketing exterior photography


Iowa drone aerial photography


Ames office building interiors Iowa


award-winning residential interior photographer Iowa


office corporate interior Iowa architect photography


Iowa architectural photography

MILLER+MILLER Architectural Photography is a commercial Iowa architectural photography photographer team. Our company has produced high-quality marketing photos photographing properties in Iowa and around the Nation since 2006.  Producing images for all types of real estate, residential, commercial, and award-winning architects in Iowa, in Chicago, the Midwest, and beyond traveling Nationwide.  Our architectural photography company, a husband-wife team, provides architectural photography, exterior and interior photographs for clients across Iowa, in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, Waterloo, Dubuque, Davenport, Ankeny, Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Urbandale, Cedar Falls, Quad Cities region, and beyond throughout the state of Iowa.

Rely on our experience as Chicago’s Iowa Architectural photographers providing all of your drone, exterior and interior marketing photos, real estate building, development, corporate, commercial construction, architect, developer photography needs.  Our husband-wife team of architectural photographers will quote photography of any Iowa building, property, or a structure.  Past photo projects Include photography of all building and construction types from Real Estate, New Construction, Renovations, Developments, Acquisitions, Hotel, Student Housing, Property Management, Academic Education, and more.  Delivering exteriors and interiors architectural images and providing photography for many of Iowa’s award-winning architect and designer’s construction design, interior environments, the finest architectural interiors, design marketing, building and editorial with photography showcasing each of our client’s specific marketing needs.    

Looking for a commercial building photographer who can include aerial building drone photography of your Iowa property?   Miller + Miller is a FAA Certified Part 107 Drone and Aerial Photographer Nationwide licensed operator.  From award-winning architectural photography of interiors to exteriors, to Iowa drone aerial photographer photos, and night photos, our architectural photo company and photographer team offers an abundant of photography and cinematic video marketing photographic services throughout the state of in Iowa and for client’s Nationwide portfolios.  

Photographing all types of Iowa building projects to include mixed-use, multi-family, apartments, duplexes, townhomes condominium, hotel, new construction, parking garage, LEED certified design, historic house, custom private residences, model homes, luxury condominium, design-build, designers, architect projects, residential & commercial properties and developments, engineering, agriculture facilities, energy, transportation, education, infrastructure, and more.  Many clients contact us about booking a photo shoot just after the building’s grand opening.  Capturing exterior and interior photos for their portfolio, marketing, or upcoming awards entries.  Photographing a new construction development, a hotel, or education facility, to photos for a recently built property, renovations, expansions and additions.  From small buildings to large developments, shopping malls, retail, hotels, offices, commercial building, corporate headquarters, business parks, industrial, manufacturing, medical clinic, hospitals, healthcare, education, industries, high school, colleges, universities expansions, art center, music concert, performing arts, theaters, sports arenas complexes, museums, civic center, government buildings, dealerships, bank financial, worship religious, temple, church building, temple, historic preservation renovation, recreation & wellness centers, and more in Iowa.  

Hire MILLER+MILLER to provide a visual story-telling of your property.  Upon a special request, we can incorporate within the interior architecture photos “life” which helps to showcase the story of a property to shoot with people, the employees, students, or staff moving throughout into the interior room photography of the space.  For exterior building photos, request us to incorporate the urban environmental life with the property photos capturing streetscape images with blurred cars, night photos highlighting transportation, or a busy, Des Moines, Ames, Iowa City, downtown or urban location vibe within the property’s architectural night exterior photography.  Or alternately, hire Miller + Miller architectural photographers to focus on the marketing property photography without people to focus on simplicity of the architecture and design details within the images of the building.  We are capable of either requested option.

Miller + Miller are photographers who specializes in providing the best property, marketing, advertising, artistic, creative, and drone aerial drone images and video for companies in Iowa traveling throughout the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, the Midwest, Chicago, and beyond.  We are the Midwest’s choice and your Iowa architectural commercial photographer team ready to quote any photographic project from top to bottom, interiors inside and exteriors outside, photos on the ground to drone images from the sky.  Contact us to discuss your company’s portfolio of properties and photography project. 

Visit our Portfolio link to view additional photos. A few quick links are below:

Consultants, design professionals and architects looking for an architectural photographer?  Submit architecture, building and construction awards and read about recent developments, construction, architect, and building news on the Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Iowa chapter web site.  www.aiaiowa.org.  Book MILLER+MILLER as your photographer to submit images into ia architect magazine, the showcase magazine for Iowa and Midwest Design. Iowa Architect magazine is the official publication of AIA Iowa www.iowaarchitecture.org featuring award winning interior and exterior Iowa architectural photography, architecture images. and advocating design excellence, building innovation, and technology submitted projects & photos.  Photographers Miller + Miller Architectural Photography specializes in photography for a variety companies in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, Waterloo, Dubuque, Davenport, Ankeny, Council Bluffs, Urbandale, Cedar Falls, Quad Cities region, and beyond in Iowa. 

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