Navy Pier Centennial Ferris Wheel Skyline View Chicago


View of Chicago Navy Pier Lake Point Tower Skyline

No visit to Navy Pier Chicago is completed without a ride on the Centennial Wheel.  Photos of Chicago’s Skyline view, while riding on top of Centennial Wheel Navy Pier Chicago, are incredible.

On this Fall shoot day, we were captivated by the evening’s sunset, had our camera, and decided to buy tickets and go up for a gondola ride on the Pier’s famous ferris wheel at Navy Pier.  Distracted from taking photos by the beautiful golden sunset in the colorful sky and the architectural beauty of the buildings all around us, we decided to wait to get our camera out until atleast the second wheel spin. Deciding to capture a few sightseeing personal moments together of the city buildings, skyscrapers and rainbow colored sky, before photographing the awesome view while circling above the Chicago Skyline. With our profession as Architectural Photographers in Chicago since 2008, we have photographed at nearly every iconic and professional Chicago skyline photography view point around the city.  Setting aside some personal time at the end of the day, this was our 2nd time on the Navy Pier’s ferris wheel, but our first time on the Wheel with our professional photo camera & equipment.

What would flying over Navy Pier feel like…?  The UAV unmanned aerial vehicle drones technology is evolving. Our creative and curious minds have wondered, what will the future of human passenger drone flying be? Likely in the future, most parts of the city of Chicago will likely remain in a no-fly zone. But what if we were able to fly in the sky over Navy Pier?  Would this be the view and reality in the future if and when human passenger drones and us having our own personal flying use of drones is available?  If that flight path was allowed, this would be an awesome skyline angle and first person view set of real images we would love viewing every day on our way into the office. Although we are a few years away from human passenger drones being a part of every day human transportation, in the meanwhile, these Navy Pier Centennial Wheel view photos help the mind to imagine what it could be like on a perfect sunset evening, while man operated flying inside a drone over the Chicago skyline. Navy Pier has restrictions about drone use and currently drones are not allowed on the property. Our professional Chicago skyline images at Navy Pier, captured from on-top of the ferris wheel, offer a work around option for incredible in the air, drone-like, city views and images of the Chicago’s buildings and skyline at the Pier.

Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel is an iconic part of the Chicago skyline and a piece to Chicago cultural history. Soaring up in the air to heights of nearly 200 feet, the Wheel offers visitors unparalleled, 360-degree views of Chicago, famous landmarks & buildings, the John Hancock Building, Lake Point Tower, spire of the Trump and Willis Tower, the Ion Building, Lakeshore East Park Development, the W Hotel Lakeshore, Navy Pier’s Crystal Gardens, the Wave Swinger & Carousel, the Chicago River, Gold Coast neighborhood, Grant Park, Lake Shore Drive, and Lake Michigan. The Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel has enclosed gondolas providing year-round a comfortable experience and city views of the miraculous Chicago skyline from Navy Pier.

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