This blog post shares a portion of our full Northwestern University’s school of music renovation photography shoot.  This client shoot included post construction photos of a couple of buildings on Northwestern University’s campus with one stop inside, photographing interior photos and photography inside the Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall at Bienen School of Music building and Center for Arts facility. The Recital Hall room is an educational room, lecture hall, auditorium style space with theater seating, and  entertainment, live music concert theater at the NW University.  Not only photographing the exterior, additionally our photographic focus for the project was architectural pictures of the interior of Northwestern’s Recital Hall at Bienen School of Music auditorium, lecture hall style, 400 seat room performance theater, focusing in on the room’s large glass wall behind the stage. Our client is a Chicago Construction Company and they hired us for marketing, portfolio images of the company’s finished projects. Our client constructed the exterior and interior of the 40-foot glass wall at Recital Hall on Northwestern Campus, and the entire LEED building’s innovated exterior glass facade architecture outside of the Northwestern University’s newly constructed & building renovation expansion. (Miller + Miller also photographed exterior building construction photography of Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music)  Inside the performance hall, the theater’s impressive glass wall offers stunning views outside of Lake Michigan and a peek at the Chicago skyline down shore, viewable in the distance on a clear day.

The interior photos of Northwestern University’s Recital Hall Theater included wide-angle architectural room photography showcasing the combination of the newly constructed room architectural design details of wood and glass construction.  The room’s design of undulating walls of Forest Stewardship Council–certified wood, is covered with a thin layer of African moabi wood, providing optimal acoustics, and the hall is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and video equipment for recording. Recital Hall is Northwestern University’s new gem for not only students, but music, concert, and musical performance theater productions to the public. The Bienen School of Music building, called the Patrick G Shirley W Ryan Center Musical Arts and Recital Hall Theater building on Northwestern University Evanston campus, has an impressive modern & green LEED gold certification design award. The college building’s architecture both outside and indoors was outstanding to photograph. The stunning architecture of the Bienen School of Music building at Northwestern has been awarded and featured several times since the $108 million dollar building’s construction was completed in 2015.

Northwestern University’s Musical Arts section of the campus renovation incorporated existing buildings and added on for an updated modern look redesign of the campus’s Bienen School of Music buildings. Our professional architectural interior photography skills provided our client with new construction photos showcasing the finished LEED building, restored and renovated concert, entertainment and performance theater. The Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall was named most impressive new Chicago concert facility by the Chicago Tribune.

This Recital Hall and Northwestern University Bienen School of Music & Center For Musical Arts Building Photography Construction Project is 1 of 15 buildings around Chicago and the suburbs we photographed for our Chicago Construction Company client. The commercial building photography and the best architectural angles photographs will be showcased inside the Construction Company’s marketing portfolio and as wall art images printed and showcased in frames around their office.

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